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Boston Indie Board Game Showcase


Anomia Press - Indie Board Game Showcase

Get ready to shake up your usual game night with a whole bunch of options so new, some of them don't even exist yet!

Quirk Events & Knight Moves Cafe are hosting an event featuring 15-20 Boston-area board game designers, each of whom will be showing off their finest cardboard creations.

Over the course of the day, you'll be able to hop from table to table, trying new games, and meeting the brilliant minds behind them. Some games will be budding prototypes- experiments fresh from the makers' minds- others will be finished products- polished designs nearing their launch on kickstarter- and others still will be finished games- ones even available for purchase if you'd like.

There will be party games, strategy games, and everything in between. Come with friends or come on your own and join others playing new games.

Meanwhile, all this will be happening at High Street Place - an awesome food hall right in the heart of Downtown Boston. Grab a meal to enjoy between games, or try a brew from one of the several bars onsite.

This event runs from 11-5, but you can arrive whenever you want, playing for however long you want.

Want another reason to act now? Advance tickets are $15, and if you want to buy at the door, it'll be $20.

Use code "ANOMIA" for 10% off!

Hope to see you there!

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Counterfeit Alert!

Counterfeit Alert!

Anomia Poetry Edition?

Anomia Poetry Edition?

Anomia - A Tongue Twister Edition?

Anomia - A Tongue Twister Edition?

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