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Counterfeit Alert!

Counterfeit Anomia Alert


Sad to say it, but I've recently gotten a few reports of counterfeit copies of the original 2-deck version of Anomia appearing on Amazon.  The offending vendor has been forced to remove their listing from Amazon.  But, I fear there may be more of these in circulation.

How can you tell if you have received a counterfeit copy?  The most obvious giveaway is TYPOS!   If you find that some of the Category Cards are miss-spelled, that is a sure sign you've got a counterfeit.  Other, more subtle things that point to counterfeits are the color saturation on the Category Card symbols and on the box itself. The color differences are probably too subtle for most people to notice, though they stick out to me like a sore thumb.

I'm being intentionally vague about typos/color differences as I don't necessarily want to point out all the errors made by the counterfeiters.  After all, why make their attempts any easier?

We've had reports of similar counterfeits surfacing in Australia, but this is the first time that we've seen them in the USA.

So, what should you do if you find yourself in possession of one of these?  

1 - Please, please, please let me know ASAP. Use the Contact Us form to send me a message.  It would be great if you could include vendor name, purchase date, invoice number, and any other relevant information.

2 - Return it. If you purchased it through Amazon, return it right away and if possible, state that this is a counterfeit item during the return process. We are in touch with Amazon about this (as much as that is even possible with Amazon) but it's helpful if they hear directly from customers when this kind of thing happens. 

Many thanks!



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