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The games arrive!!!!!

First off, I need to extend a big thank you to some of the kids who live on my street.  They were a HUGE help in getting ALL the games into the house! Thank you Naomi, Elizabeth and Benjamin, I couldn't have done it without you!

2 pallets, thats 2,410 lbs of games. and yes there are 2,000 lbs in a TON.

The first set of stairs.

The second set of stairs...

The third set of stairs..

The last set of stairs...

The games in the attic...I have a feeling my Fender Rhodes is going to be neglected for a little while...

Signed, sealed and delivered.

The whole shebang.

My 3 year old son pitted Anomia against Thomas the Tank Engine after dinner, guess who won?

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The Proof Finally Arrives

The Proof Finally Arrives

Pax East 2022 - Update

Pax East 2022 - Update

Happy 1st Birthday to Anomia!

Happy 1st Birthday to Anomia!

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