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Pax East 2022 - Update

Finally getting a moment to share a quick update about Pax East 2022. As usual, it was a great time.  I saw lots of familiar faces and met a whole bunch of new people.  It always amazes me how many people have heard of Anomia, but also how many people have never heard of Anomia, as well.
Congrats to Ashley L., Alex G., Sarah L. and Adam M. All these lovely people won a copy of Anomia during our daily Pax East raffle.
Here are a few choice photos from the show:
Of course, to have a good con experience, one must always have plenty of coffee and plenty of water. As you can see I was well prepared.
Anomia Press - Pax East 2022
Here we are scrunched up tight around my little demo table playing a heated game with the red deck from the original version of Anomia.
Playing Anomia - Anomia Press - Pax East 2022
At conventions, I always set out a bunch of blank Anomia cards so people can submit their own ideas. Here are a few of my favorite suggestions: Carnival Midway Game, Outdated Meme, Anime Villains, K-Pop Band, Reasons I Can't Take Out the Trash, Animal You See in Clouds, Echinoderm, Words That Start with a Silent Letter, Saurischian Dinosaurs, & Types of Categories. That last one is a little meta, I'll admit.
I think my favorite is Echinoderms which are spiny sea-creatures like starfish, sea urchins and sand dollars.  Hmm, maybe that one will make its way into the Genius edition.
Anomia Press - Pax East 2022

Pax East would not be complete without all the awesome cosplay!

Anomia Press - Pax East 2022
Perhaps my favorite cosplay at the Con.  I call her Carrot Lady, but I'm sure this is a reference to some game or TV show that I am just not familiar with.


Anomia Press - Pax East 2022


One of the highlights at any con for me is autographing games. It never gets old!

Anomia Press - Pax East 2022


Another moment that really stands out was when I got to meet Heidi Erwin, who is a NY Times Digital Puzzle Editor. Apparently, there are lots of Anomia fans in the NY Times puzzle department! I told Heidi about the Wordle sign I made for my wife when she was running the 2022 Boston Marathon a few weeks ago. Note how all the words are related to training and running.  : )

Anomia Press - Pax East 2022


That's all folks! We'll be exhibiting at Gen Con in August 2022, hope to see you there!

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Visit us at Pax East!

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